Divine Chains

by Black Baron

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released August 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Black Baron Hamilton, Ontario

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Track Name: The Twisting Fate Of Future Years
What an interesting affair to swallow young teeth and young pride. Too weak to shiver anymore. Too afraid to walk alongside that crimson flame upon mirrors.

The twisting fate of future years / so pretty and so grim / damaged on a whim / like myself

Isn't it so funny? The way that you smile? Behind your broken teeth lies the truth of your guile. I am drawn to your touch, so destructive in the night. (I am) broken in the waking dawn, (in) the petty pain of sunlight.

Sunshine squalors my vision, ambition left in disrepair. It takes too much strength to pursue the wicked airs of happiness and pleasure. I think I'd rather wallow here upon the middle grounds of uncertainty and fear.
Track Name: The Cold Flourescent Light Of Blinding Shame
I just can't figure out why every day's the same / waking in the night knowing too little has changed

There's too many shadows here tearing at my brain / the cold fluorescent light of blinding shame

Tears upon my face polish a season of hate. What am I but broken, stupid, young and fair? (I'm) always overspoken (but) too far gone to even care.

I just can't figure out who carries all the blame / red hands to smother all accusations and disdain

Light shows my every flaw. Darkness hides my face. The grey brings me comfort and disguises what I lack into charm and grace.

The cold fluorescent light of blinding shame
Track Name: Divine Chains
Divine chains wrap themselves around my neck. Divine chains wrapped around my doorstep. I can't leave without blood stained knuckles and knees. I can't breathe. Lay me down to sleep.

I don't think that I can take anymore of this restraint.

Divine chains / Divine pain

I'm lying down in a divine grave. I wanna feel some pleasure in between all this pain.

A holy man bleeds just the same as me. What I need is something more than divinity. Cut me out of this divine reign, of this divine pain, of these divine chains.

Divine Chains