by Black Baron

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released January 21, 2013



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Black Baron Hamilton, Ontario

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Track Name: Divine Chains
Divine chains wrap themselves around my neck.
Divine chains wrapped around my doorstep.
So I can't leave without bloodstained knuckles and knees
So I can't breathe. I can't breathe. Lay me down to sleep.

I don't think that I can take any more of this restraint.
Divine chains / Divine Pain / I'm lying down in a divine grave.
I wanna feel some pleasure in between all this pain.

A holy man bleeds just the same as me.
But what I need is something more than divinity.
Let me out, oh cut me out of this divine reign, of this divine pain.
Track Name: Switchblade City
Walking and walking and walking
Hating and hating and hating

This city makes me scream, makes me wanna leave.
Prepubescent dreams along the city streets.
Pushing daisies for the city freak,
I'm picking caskets in all my dreams.
All I wanna do is lie down and stop dreaming.
All I wanna do is lie down and stop feeling.

Desolate city / Sad sad city / Cut-throat city / Switchblade city
Crying bitter screams in a city full of dreams.
Crying bitter screams so it's hard to leave.

Dirty fingernails, rusty fingertips, polished baby face, leather knuckle tape, dark stained bedsheets, punishing apathy, reasonable blasphemy, faith and hate go hand in hand, fuck till you feel better, give the baby a bottle, drink till he's dead, cry mother cry, your little boy's gone away, take of his hat and close the casket

Don't let go. Take off your shoes and follow.
Don't let go.Take off your shoes and wallow in pain.
Track Name: Wretched Bone
Stone altars and tombs, grief pain and decay, a black bough in the weathering rain, a black suit for today, matching metal cuffs and a charming straight jacket, grave diggers and young mourners alike, early morning strikes and white picket fences, oh the pain of it all.

Everyday life and everyday routine.

Picture perfect ignorance and beautiful concrete steps pave the way.
A way to endless bosoms and fanny, fallen soldiers and tall mutilated heroes - wretched bone upon wretched bone. Oh broken home.

Die slow, fast, or alone, it doesn't matter.